I am writing this review for Brian Picarello and his law firm from my kitchen, where I can see my four noisy, chaotic, messy, fun, and loving children playing in the playroom. I can see them playing because I now have full sole legal and residential custody of my children. I have my children back because of Brian’s dedication, because of his expert knowledge, because of his preparation and his incredible court-room skills. He literally changed my life when all’s that I had left was despair.

Through a very difficult, painful, emotional and time-consuming process that spanned three states over a two-year period, Brian was able to put together a very strong argument to the court as to why I should be awarded custody of my children. As a person, he is caring, sympathetic, non-judgmental and dependable. As a lawyer, he is clever, cunning, court-savvy, nuanced, experienced and intelligent. He knows which evidence to present, how relevant it is to the case, and how to ensure that the evidence tells the story that we wanted to tell. He understands the court system extremely well, knows when to shut-up and when to get involved. He is also very strong at examining and cross-examining witnesses.

Brian and his law firm is fair, compassionate, client-focussed and very reasonably priced. He always allowed me plenty of time to pay bills, and even gave me discounts when I paid early or on-time. This is the happiest that I have ever been in my life, and it is all due to Brian fighting for me and my family. I’ll never be able to properly thank him or repay him for saving my children.

Do yourself a favour, call him now!

David James

I came to Brian with a rather unique situation that other attorneys told me fighting was a dead-end cause. Brian was extremely straight forward and down to the facts. He was amazing with communicating with us throughout and before the entire proceeding, worked with us efficiently, and won our case. Got the entire thing VACATED. Thank you

Jolie Haskin

Brian Picarello is an excellent divorce attorney. My case was contested, and we had a 3-day trial. He left “no stone unturned” and was thorough. The trial was a success! Brian listened to and addressed all my concerns and promptly returned my calls. He is caring and does the job! I couldn’t ask for a better attorney to represent me.

Marie M.

I was recommended to this law office by a friend of mine who knew someone who used them for an uncontested divorce.  I’m SO glad I contacted this office and retained them to handle my divorce.  I met and spoke with Victoria of this office, and she was absolutely wonderful to deal with, and always got back to me promptly with answers to my questions! They have a flat fee for uncontested divorces, which includes them drafting the papers, court filing fees, etc.!  I could not be happier with the service I’ve received!

Lisa L.

Mr. Picarello gave me hope… and results!

I was in a very difficult situation with my Ex-Husband trying to get sole custody of my kids. I tried for a while to do it alone then began consulting with attorneys after realizing I couldn’t handle it alone. I spoke about my situation with four attorneys including Mr. Picarello and he happened to have been the most reasonable and understanding with my situation. He was there at any time especially in times when it felt nothing would work in my favor. I would definitely recommend him for any family matter, he was extremely knowledgeable and helped me until I got what I wanted. You don’t have to take my word for it… one consultation with him and you’ll see what I’m talking about (and initial consultation was FREE!)

Catherine P.

Amazing attorney!

I did a lot of research looking for a really good attorney that wasn’t going to rip me off as other attorneys have in the past and then I came across Brian Picarello. He was straight forward, honest and professional! I felt very comfortable with him and knew I wasn’t being taken advantage of. I came all the way from Florida to handle this court matter and it was extremely stressful but Brian really took care of everything for me. I wish I had found him a long time ago! I will definitely be recommending him to all my family and friends back in NY. He was an absolute God sent and I couldn’t have made it through this without him! Thank you so much!

Tara D.

I highly recommend Brian Picarello for representation in regards to Divorce & Separation matters.

After spending almost two years in the court system, I was highly disappointed with an attorney that I had hired and had really screwed up my case. A case that could have been handled efficiently and carefully. However, I was able to change attorneys and I was blessed with Brian Picarello. He came highly recommended and of course, his display of dedication and tenacity really turned my case around for the better. I was always being contacted and being informed as to how my case was developing. There were times during my trial that I felt so frazzled and perplexed. There was one thing that Mr. Picarello said to me I will never forget “trust me, I would NEVER steer you wrong”. At that moment I trusted his advisement and judgement. With that, I was able to gain most of everything that I was requesting from my divorce and then some. Again, I highly recommend Mr. Picarello.

H. Kelly

Very Satisfied

I hardly ever write reviews, but I just wanted to say how happy I am that I hired Mr. Picarello to represent me on my child support case. He was very fair with me, and honest from the beginning of what I could expect. I highly recommend this lawyer.

Antonio C.

Great Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Picarello represented me in a divorce and got me custody of my three children, and found a way to keep me in the marital home.

He kept me fully advised each and every step of the way, and answered or returned all my calls very quickly. If you are getting a divorce, I would highly recommend Mr. Picarello

Lisa G.

Great Attorney

Mr. Picarello represented me on a criminal matter in Suffolk and he was great. Every time I called (which was a lot!) he answered my calls or got right back to me and was very patient with me. I was very nervous, and probably a pain in the neck, but he never made me feel like I was annoying. He worked with me on a payment plan and got me a great deal. I am very happy that he was my lawyer.

Carlos R.

Breaks the lawyer stereotype

I always had bad experiences with lawyers in the past, but Mr. Picarello is cut from a different cloth. He is kind, patient, knowledgeable, very accessible, and best of all, was honest with me from the very beginning about the costs and the time needed to defend me in my criminal case.

He made me very comfortable throughout the entire process, and fought to get my charges dismissed. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves facing criminal charges.

Steven C.

Both Skilled and Compassionate

Mr. Picarello represented me in Suffolk County Family Court and did a great job. He was always available and I always felt like I was his most important client! He took the time to explain everything to me every step of the way and helped me make the right decisions. He was so professional in court and wasn’t afraid to take my case to trial. I knew exactly how much I was going to pay after the consultation. He was very affordable and worked with me on a payment plan.

Pat P.

Preliminary Meeting

Pleasant and personable. Reviewed my information and formulated a plan. E-mailed me the needed documents that evening. Will be retaining Miss James to represent me.

James D.

The Best Lawyer You Can Have!

Fantastic Lawyer. Always there when we needed her. Miss James called us back on weekends when needed. She did a great job for us in two separate cases. Hire her you won’t be disappointed.

Scott L.

Order of Protection

Best lawyer I could have worked with. Miss James helped me get the order of protection that I needed. I am thankful for her help. Great Job!

Won Me Custody After Prior Attorney Said I Had No Chance!

Brian Picarello took my case after a year of running in place and being told by my prior attorney that I would never get custody of my children because I am a working father.

It wasn’t easy, but Brian believed in me and took my case to trial and we won sole custody despite the children and their attorney wanting to stay living with the mother! I am forever grateful.

Nicholas P.