Post Judgement Matters

When do I need to consider a post-judgment remedy?

A Post Judgment remedy may be available to you if there have been any significant changes in the living circumstances or career of either you or your former spouse, which led to the need to modify the terms of your divorce judgment, agreement or stipulation of settlement.

If the obligations in your agreement/judgment are going unsatisfied, you may need the assistance of an experienced attorney to assist in enforcing those terms. At Brian A. Picarello & Associates, P.C. we have successfully litigated post-judgment issues in Nassau and Suffolk County’s Supreme and Family Courts.

When a former spouse changes their residences, employment, or lifestyle, parenting time may need modification. When these changes are significant enough, child custody, parenting time arrangements, spousal maintenance, and child support payments may no longer practical or fair.

Our post-judgment litigation services include:

  • Prosecuting or defending contempt-of-court issues
  • Modifications of child support obligations
  • Modifications to spousal support
  • Modifications to child custody arrangements
  • Modifications of current parenting time arrangements
  • Parental relocation matters
  • Child support enforcement issues

If you have a post-divorce legal matter, contact us for a free initial consultation.