Domestic Violence can be a decisive factor in equitable Distribution

Effective May 3, 2020, and applicable to actions commenced on or after that date, domestic violence is now a specifically enumerated factor in equitable distribution, with the addition of new DRL §236(B)(5)(d)(14), which requires a Court to consider:

“(14) whether either party has committed an act or acts of domestic violence, as described in subdivision one of section four hundred fifty-nine-a of the social services law, against the other party and the nature, extent, duration and impact of such act or acts”  

Laws of 2020 Ch.55, Part PP (S.7505b/A.9505b), signed April 3, 2020

It is worth noting that the above equitable distribution factor is not the same as the temporary or post-divorce maintenance factor which references domestic violence, DRL §236(B)(5-a)(h)(1)(g) and DRL §236(B)(6)(e)(1)(g), respectively, which requires a Court to consider:

“(g) acts by one party against another that have inhibited or continue to inhibit a party’s earning capacity or ability to obtain meaningful employment. Such acts include but are not limited to acts of domestic violence as provided in section four hundred fifty-nine-a of the social services law”

DRL §236(B)(5-a)(h)(1)(g)

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